A Report from Annabel Hardy, Chair of the Glendale Primary School Board

At our latest School Board meeting we had an agenda packed full of issues to work through. We welcomed Mrs Fiebig to the Board and heard a little about her previous experience. The principal’s report included a discussion around the budget and financial planning of the school for 2020, the school facilities, changes to the teaching communities in the school and some updates on the senior playground. We recapped term 3 activities and provided feedback regarding the sports day, school photos and the improvements of the junior playground. We are all looking forward to a school busy bee to improve the playgrounds which will be held early in 2020.

One of the major issues discussed was the proposal regarding the school fencing. We heard from the staff and leadership team of the school the specific reasons that the proposal has been put forward, which is due to drug paraphernalia regularly being found on the school grounds prior to students arriving each day. We also heard of the rubbish left behind by those who are visiting the school after hours, which ranged from dog poo through to used underwear and related items. This is an alarming trend which is worsening, so I urge you to put forward your feedback on which fencing proposal you prefer or speak to one of the leadership team at the school regarding the proposal.

On a more positive note we have nearly finalised the reviewed uniform policy, discussed changes to student leadership, as well as the upcoming award and graduation ceremonies.  

Finally, we wish to advise that the final meeting for the School Board will be our AGM. As always and like every Board meeting, this is an open meeting which we invite you to attend. It will be held at 7pm on Monday 9 December 2019.

Kind regards