A note from the Chaplain, Chevonne

What a term this has been! Parents, you should be so proud of your children for their tenacity and resilience. They have just been amazing as they developed independence coming into school and it has been wonderful to see.  

The teachers have been a strong support for your children in the midst of chaos, they are all wonderful!

The school holidays are fast approaching, here are “52 Responses to I”M BORED”. Enjoy!

You are now aware that I will be leaving Glendale Primary School at the end of this term to go on maternity leave.  I would like to say a huge thank you to the Glendale PS community for welcoming me and making me feel part of this beautiful school.   I hope you will extend that same warmth to Rumbi, the new Chaplain, as she starts her journey at the beginning of Term 3. 

I wish you all well for the rest of 2020,