Bostik Smart Schools Craft Project

Glendale Primary School has made an entry for the Bostik Smart Schools Craft Project!

Using Bostik products students, from years 4 and 5, have recreated a playground by using 2 x 5kg Clag paste bottles as the flying fox, Bostik glue gun and glue sticks to hold in the satay sticks in the ‘pole’ to create the spider net, empty glue sticks to make the stepping stones,  Bostik Blu-tac wrapper to make the see-saw and blutac to hold the see-saw base in place, clag glue bottles to make the fence with the blutac holding the popsticks in place at the top of the bottles, Bostik Blutac wrappers to make the towers for the swinging bridge and Bostik glue gun to hold the popsticks in place and finally Bostik blutac cardboard wrappers to make the ‘ground cover’ for the playground to be built on.

Our Years 4 and 5 students are hoping to win money to go towards building the Senior Naturescape playground they have designed. The playground plans incorporate a flying fox, a spider net, a swinging bridge, stepping stones, see-saws and a fitness trail.

Here is a photo of their Bostik playground and the design they are trying to re-create!